10:18 Fintech Video Makes Gold Investment Even Easier, How Much Profit? Tech – 18 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- Technology brings convenience in various aspects of life, including investment. There are many ways to invest, including gold through financial technology or fintech.

Lakuemas, is the first gold buying and selling service provider in Indonesia which can be accessed from the website and mobile application. Present since 2020, it has become a one-stop solution gold investment platform and educates the public about investing in the precious metal.

COO of PT Lakuemas Indonesia, Geoffrey Aten, said that Lakuemas is committed to making it easy to invest in gold, both digital gold and physical gold. Apart from that, Lakuemas also continues to encourage education and literacy related to gold investment to encourage gold investment penetration.

What are the prospects for gold investment? What are fintech’s educational efforts regarding gold investment? For complete details, see Frida Lidwina’s dialogue with the Chief Operating Officer of PT Lakuemas Indonesia, Geoffrey Aten in Closing Bell,CNBCIndonesia (Friday, 27/10/2023)

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