42 Chinese Companies Blocked by US for Being ‘Friendly’ with Russia Tech – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The United States (US) government has again updated the blacklist of export permits for dozens of companies from China. There are at least 42 companies included in the list made by the US Ministry of Commerce.

This time, Joe Biden’s government argued that all companies were blacklisted because they were proven to support the Russian military. One thing that is prohibited is missile-making materials drones that country.

The Russian and Ukrainian war has been going on since last year. Some time ago it was reported that Russia used missiles to attack the northern area of ​​Ukraine, killing 52 people.

Meanwhile, on the blacklist, those detained are special circuits. This includes microelectronics, which are used to build precision systems on blacklisted drone missiles. According to the ministry, Russian missiles and drones are an important tool against Ukraine.

“The addition to the new export ban list that we announced contains an important message. If any country supplies Russian defense systems using US technology, we will take firm action,” said Matthew Axelrod, US Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement, as quoted by ReutersSunday (22/10/2023).

However, it is not only Chinese companies that are on the list. There are seven entities from other countries, such as Finland, Germany, India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and England.

The Chinese side has also opened its voice regarding this matter. China’s Ministry of Commerce called the US actions arbitrary to paralyze the economy of the country led by Xi Jinping.

The ministry asked the US administration to stop its actions. “The US must immediately stop the unwarranted practice of suppressing Chinese companies,” said the Chinese Ministry of Trade in its official statement.

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