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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The State Civil Service Agency (BKN) asked participants to be aware of fraud in the selection of Candidates for State Civil Service (CASN) 2023. BKN said the fraud was carried out with the lure of graduation without going through selection.

“Actions by selection officers like this can be prevented as long as applicants are not tempted by false promises that claim they can pass,” said Acting Head of BKN Haryomo Dwi Putranto in a written statement, Thursday, (19/10/2023).

BKN stated that it had found a number of fake letters or hoaxes related to the appointment as ASN. The fake appointment letter is an attempt by fraudsters to convince their victims. To avoid this fraud, BKN asks participants to always check the authenticity of letters from BKN.

Checking can be done by scanning the QR code on the BKN letter. If the letter is genuine, then participants will be directed to the original file on the page.

Haryomo Dwi Putranto asked participants not to be tempted by offers to become ASN instantly. This applies to the selection of prospective civil servants and government employees with work agreements.

He said fraud often occurs not only because the perpetrator has the intention, but because there are still people who are determined to use these services in the hope of becoming an ASN without selection. He said some people were still determined to give money, even though the action was actually illegal.

“Both the applicant who handed over the amount of money and the person involved could be subject to criminal charges,” he said. BKN, he said, would involve the police to handle this illegal act.

Haryomo also reminded that the selection stages are generally open, can be monitored together, and are free of charge. The government through the Ministry of Finance has budgeted funding for the implementation of the 2023 CASN selection through the APBN.

“Including during the CAT exam process (computer test), the results of each applicant can be seen immediately and are like previous years,” he said.

The selection stage has now entered the stage of announcing the results of the administrative selection. The number of participants who reached the administrative selection stage reached 2.4 million people. The process will continue with a standstill period. Participants are given 3 days from receiving the results of the administrative selection and agencies are given 5 days to respond until October 23 2023.

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