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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The United States (US) announced a new strategy to develop domestic technology in a more massive and structured manner.

He pointed to dozens of domestic technology centers that focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is currently the center of attention of many parties. Including China and the US, which often compete to dominate the latest technology.

There are 31 technology centers that received grants of US$40 to US$75 million each (Rp. 635 billion-Rp. 1.1 trillion). Locations are spread across 32 states1 and Puerto Rico.

Apart from AI, the technology center also focuses on a number of areas including quantum computing, clean energy, medicine and biotechnology.

“Strong support for plans for an important technology region and a global leader in the next decade,” said the US Economic Development Administration, quoted from CNBC InternationalTuesday (24/10/2023).

This latest measure was authorized under the US CHIPS and SCI rules. The regulations passed in August 2022 aim to increase domestic semiconductor manufacturing and supply chains, as well as provide investment funds to technology centers amounting to US$10 billion (Rp. 158 trillion).

The White House says technology centers will play an important role in economic growth. This includes helping to increase America’s competitiveness.

“Tech Hubs focuses on investments in technologies that are critical to economic growth, national security and job creation, and will help communities across the country become centers of innovation critical to America’s competitiveness,” the White House said.

Of all the centers announced, the White House said they represent America’s diversity. The government notes that for too long economic growth and opportunities have been centered in a number of coastal cities.

US Catches Up with China

Previously, it was reported that the US was starting to burn its hat with AI technology owned by China.

US cybersecurity experts are urging a Congressional panel to act quickly to counter the threat posed by Chinese-made AI.

It is feared that the US military, business community and technology sectors will be left behind by China’s efforts to dominate the world economy.

Lawmakers also discussed the need for more funding as China nearly outspends the US in manpower, equipment and AI development programs. The US government plans to spend US$5.5 billion on AI next year, while China has already spent US$14.75 billion.

“Congress must play a role in establishing an appropriate governance structure,” said John Brennan, general manager of data management company Scale AI.

Several bills are pending in Congress that seek to balance cybersecurity with the risk of government interference that hinders technological development. They focus on protecting data that can be stolen and used by adversaries in AI models.

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