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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Technology also plays a role in the Hamas-Israel war. One of them is an artificial intelligence (AI) program.

It was reported that several AI programs labeled genuine photos related to Hamas’ war with Israel as fake content. In fact, the photos were taken directly by photographers on duty in the field.

The labeling is done by a free AI photo detection program on the internet. AI itself is a technology developed by the United States (US).

Its popularity has exploded since 2022, when US startup OpenAI founded ChatGPT. The application of generative AI is finally growing widely, not only text-based but also visual.

Many visuals are created by AI. For example, by utilizing the DALL-E service which was also created by OpenAI. To differentiate between AI-generated and genuine images, many detection programs have emerged, one of which is ‘AI or Not’.

This program has been discussed in depth by veteran media such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journals. According to 404Media’s findings, AI or Not labeled original photos of the Hamas-Israel war as inaccurate content.

Appearances of Hamas attacks on Israel are said to be content collected by AI.

UC Berkeley professor Henry Farid, who later studied the photo which was called fake by AI or Not, said that there were no signs that the photo was fake. Farid is one of the best digital image manipulation experts in the world.

According to Farid, one of the easiest ways to detect whether a particular photo is made by AI is to observe the lines listed. Current AI services are still unable to create structures of shapes and straight lines that resemble real photos.

Apart from that, it can be seen from the shadows in the photo. AI-generated images are often inconsistent in displaying realistic images like real photos.

Farid warned all netizens that the current AI detection service is not completely accurate. When a photo is labeled ‘real’ or ‘fake’, it does not mean the information is correct.

“This is the advanced stage of disinformation,” he said, quoted from PCMagThursday (19/10/2023).

Previously, the issue that the photo shown about the Hamas-Israel war was fake was raised by Ben Shapiro. He is a conservative Jew who often comments on geopolitical issues.

On Thursday last week, he issued a tweet on his X account saying that it was possible that the photos of the Hamas-Israel war circulating were fake.

The tweet was then followed by political YouTuber Jackson Hinkle. He shared screenshots from AI or Not that identified photos of the Hamas-Israel war as fake content.

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