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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – If there is one of these applications on your Android cellphone, you should delete it immediately because it can secretly access your account.

These applications have succeeded in disguising and infiltrating, even though they contain spyware, malware, and even trojans.

Android, based on reports from MalwareFox, is an easy target for cyber attackers for prohibited activities. This is because Android is an open-source program, making it highly customizable, unlike iOS.

“It is easy for cybercriminals to infiltrate Android devices using malicious applications. Malware programs such as Trojans, Adware, Spyware, Keyloggers, and more,” wrote a report from MalwareFox.

Launch Hindustan Times, Wednesday (18/10/2023), below is a list of dangerous applications that you must immediately delete from your cellphone. Don’t let anyone still install these applications!

1. Fare Gamehub and Box (Trojan)

2. Hope Camera-Picture Record (Trojan)

3. Same Launcher and Live Wallpaper (Trojan)

4. Amazing Wallpaper (Trojan)

5. Cool Emoji Editor and Sticker (Trojan)

6. Simple Note Scanner (Spyware)

7. Universal PDF Scanner (Spyware)

8. Private Messenger (Spyware)

9. Premium SMS (Spyware)

10. Blood Pressure Checker (Spyware)

11. Cool Keyboard (Spyware)

12. Paint Art (Spyware)

13. Color Message (Spyware)

14. Vlog Star Video Editor (Malware)

15. Creative 3D Launcher (Malware)

16. Wow Beauty Camera-Picture (Malware)

17. Gif Emoji Keyboard (Malware)

18. Instant Heart Rate Anytime (Malware)

19. Delicate Messenger (Malware).

According to CNBC Indonesia’s monitoring, these applications are not available in the official Google Play Store application store. However, it is spread on the internet via APK files. Stay alert on the internet!

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