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The comparison between a canvas and a leather backpack can go a long way in helping choose the right backpack. For starters, the two materials are good and look great. However, there are some differences that influence your experience with each one of them.

Just like everything else, each fabric has a set of advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, each is meant to meet specific needs based on the requirements and expectations. Thus, you will find it a bit confusing which one to choose.

Keep reading to learn more from this canvas and leather backpack comparison and choose what works for you.

Canvas backpack advantages and disadvantages

A canvas backpack is known for its durability. The ability to last for a long time comes from the fact that they are created out of 100% waxed canvas materials.

Such a backpack often comes in different designs. Additionally, you can get them in small, regular, and extra-large sizes.

Canvas rucksacks are made out of either full grain leather straps or regular cloth straps. Leather straps tend to be more stylish and deliver an extra classy look for a great feeling. On the other hand, full grain leather straps have a natural and authentic look. They also last longer.

Canvas backpacks comprise earthy-toned styles and colors. You can easily dye the backpack to feature a preferred color.


· Are light and easy to carry around compared to the leather fabric

· Need little maintenance since they have simple cleaning requirements on the washing machine

· Deliver more versatility, allowing manufacturers to come up with various shapes and styles

· Canvas is an eco-friendly fabric and will resonate with those conscious about saving the planet

· The plain-woven fabric delivers increased strength and sturdiness for high durability


· The backpack is not waterproof, although you can achieve this through plenty of methods

· Canvas backpacks are not Wall Street fabric and mainly fall in the spectrum of casual wear

· Celebrities are yet to start making it to the Oscar ceremonies with this material

Leather backpack advantages and disadvantages

A leather backpack stands out as the fashion enthusiast’s best friend. The backpack is durable and remains in style, allowing it to serve as a transitional piece.

A leather backpack comprises strong fabric that is sure to serve you for a long time. Even the most animal-conscious person can admit to this.

A good quality leather backpack is made of genuine leather. However, the market can also have faux leather, making it necessary to carefully evaluate the material when choosing it.

You can get leather backpacks for women and men. Women’s leather backpacks vary in shape, color, and size. They fit well for different style preferences. On the other hand, leather backpacks for men typically comprise a large, boxier style with thick straps. These can be used instead of messenger bags or briefcases for those carrying heavier items.


· Highly durable backpacks, delivering long years of service

· The backpacks are strong and sturdy to handle heavy weights

· A leather backpack can go for a long time without catching dirt

· The more the backpack ages, the finer it gets for a refined look


· A leather backpack that has not undergone chemical treatment can absorb water faster than its waxed canvas counterpart

· Due to the high affinity for oils and stains, this fabric tends to require high maintenance

· Scratches on the leather backpack are costlier to fix since simple knitting won’t get the issue resolved

And there you have. Hopefully, the above canvas and leather backpack comparison can help you choose what works for you.