Breakthrough of the Bakti Kominfo Task Force, Rp. 5.2 Trillion Project Canceled! Tech – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Hot Backup Satellite (HBS) project worth IDR 5.2 trillion has officially been stopped. The Bakti Task Force revealed the reasons for the termination.

Previously, it was planned that HBS would become a backup satellite for Satria-1 if it experienced an anomaly during launch. After the successful launch on June 18 2023, the back-up satellite budget will be reallocated to prioritize expanding and improving national digital access and connectivity.

In an official statement on the Bakti Kominfo website, this step was taken so that Bakti could take advantage of financial limitations to complete a number of its targets, quoted Monday (23/10/2023).

The Task Force has conducted a study and approved the early termination of the HBS contract. This was done after aspects of urgency, budget, contract progress and risks of Satria-1 were analyzed by Bakti Management.

The contract was also terminated on October 19 2023. Risk mitigation has also been carried out regarding existing service needs as well as coordinating the termination of contracts with the Nusantara Jaya Consortium.

Chairman of the Bakti Kominfo Task Force, Sarwoto Atmosutarno, emphasized that the current focus is on Satria-1. Namely to optimize its utilization, including related to space and ground segment capacity.

“One thing that must also be taken into consideration is that we must focus on SATRIA 1 which will consume a lot of energy and cannot fail in its implementation. The SATRIA-1 satellite will be operational in early 2024 so we will be very busy with how to utilize it optimally,” “both for space segment and ground segment capacity. Don’t let us lose focus,” explained Sarwoto.

Of the total value of IDR 5.2 trillion, payments made were IDR 3.5 trillion with additional cost of money. KNJ will refund the money.

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