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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Some people may have experienced the incident of not being able to surf the internet even though cellular data is active. This can happen for several reasons.

For example, an error or bug occurs in the system on the cellphone or the network settings are automatically activated. Apart from that, it could also be due to virus and malware attacks and disruption to the operator.

Another problem may be a problem with the SIM card slot. Lastly, it could also be the result of a cellphone that has been rooted before.

You can try the following methods if you experience this problem:

1. Activate Airplane Mode

You can activate airplane mode to solve this internet problem. Activate it for a few seconds then turn it off again.

In this way, the internet provider’s network will update itself and look for a better connection. This step is considered effective in overcoming problems related to the internet network.

2. Reset APN

Another way is to reset or reset the APN of the operator you are using. Usually when the settings are changed, the internet connection will change, it can be more stable, faster or even lost.

So you need to reset it properly. That way there will be no problems and the internet network can be active again normally.

This is how to change APN settings on a smartphone:

  • Go to “settings”
  • Look for the “SIM Card & Cellular Network” menu
  • Select the “Access Point Name” (APN) option
  • Do not replace the existing one, but select “Create New APN”
  • Finally, enter the APN that matches the SIM card used

3. Temporarily remove the SIM card

You can also try temporarily removing the SIM card you are using. Next clean the yellow plate on the card and put it back in its original place.

For your information, all SIM cards have a brass plate. This is what allows you to connect for telephone, SMS and internet purposes.

4. Telephone Call Center Operator

The next step is to call the call center. They will provide a number of solutions to the problems you are experiencing.

However, make sure you have sufficient credit before contacting the call center. Because usually these calls are charged at a paid rate.

5. Reboot Smartphone

You can reboot the smartphone while activating airplane mode. After the cellphone turns back on, turn off airplane mode.

Many have used this method and it has proven successful. This can also be used to overcome slow internet connections or even mobile data that is not active at all.

6. Switching Networks Manually

Another step you can take is to switch networks manually on your smartphone. For example, if you use a 4G LTE only network, you can switch to 2G or 3G and then back to 4G.

7. Check remaining quota

The internet cannot function or it could be because the quota has run out. Try checking your quota again, if it runs out, definitely buy a new internet package first.

8. Clean Cache Files on Smartphones

The final step is to clean the cache files. This file can cause problems such as bugs or errors that result in the smartphone not being able to be used for internet use.

Here are the steps to clean Cache Files:

  • Make sure your Android is turned off
  • Press the Power + Volume Down button combination simultaneously
  • You will enter Recovery Mode
  • Tap the “Wipe Cache Partition” option
  • When finished, tap the “Reboot System” menu again

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