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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Motorola introduces the latest HP prototype with super flexible screen innovation.

Not only can it be folded parallel, but it can also be bent until it wraps around the arm. That way, users can wear their Motorola cellphone as a watch.

This prototype cellphone was introduced at the ‘Lenovo Tech World 2023’ event. Motorola itself is known to be a subsidiary of Lenovo, a technology giant from China.

Motorola named its prototype cellphone as ‘H Tech’. The concept of a curved screen cellphone was first introduced at the Tech World 2016 event.

It’s been seven years, and mobile phones with curved screens have yet to be mass marketed. Until now, Motorola has not specified when the H Tech prototype cellphone can be purchased by the general public, quoted from Mint, Friday (27/10/2023).

Photo: Motorola bending phone. (lenovo Screenshot)
Motorola bending phone. (lenovo Screenshot)

Motorola said its newest concept cellphone uses a more flexible pOLED screen, with FHD+ resolution. In an upright position, the Motorola cellphone has a jumbo 6.9 inch screen.

The cellphone can then be folded and reduces the screen size to 4.6 inches. Not only is it folded, but it can be bent so that it is rolled up to wrap around the arm.

“This adaptive screen concept further expands the mechanical advances found in our foldable and rollable devices in both the smartphone and PC categories,” said a Motorola representative.

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