Digital Wallets and Bank Accounts Blocked by Online Gambling Tech – 16 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Around 400 thousand pieces of online gambling content were successfully cleared during Budi Arie’s tenure as Minister of Communications and Information. Namely in the period 18 July to 18 October 2023.

“During several months of my leadership, the Ministry of Communication and Information has taken firm steps to eradicate online gambling content,” said Budi at the Press Conference on the Development of Handling Online Gambling, at the Kominfo office, Jakarta, Friday (20/10/2023).

“From July 18 to October 18 2023, we have executed access termination for 425,506 gambling content, 237,096 of which came from websites, internet protocol addresses (IP addresses), 17,235 content from file sharing, and 171,175 content from social media,” he added.

Apart from content, accounts related to online gambling are also blocked. Kominfo asked the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to close 2,760 accounts during the period 17 July to 16 October 2023.

E-Wallets related to online gambling were also blocked, the number reached 540 accounts.

“It’s already a little more, it seems like it’s not that significant anymore. No, it’s not enough [ratusan] tens at most,” said Budi.

Budi said he invited all parties to close online gambling. For example, internet service providers (ISPs) and cellular operators are increasing efforts to eradicate illegal activities.

“By ensuring the correct synchronization of the system with the database of sites containing gambling content. As well as by following up on requests to terminate access that we submitted,” said Budi.

Even though he has taken maximum steps to close down online gambling, Budi does not close his eyes, there is still a lot of content and promotions circulating. However, this effort must face technology that is not easy.

“We are trying our best, but technology is sophistication versus sophistication,” he said.

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