Donny Fattah Takes 21 Heart Medicines to Earn My Money – 5 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – God Bless bassist Donny Fattah finally spoke about his health, having recently become unfit after having a ring placed on his heart in 2012. Donny also admitted that he currently takes 21 heart medications every day to get back in shape.

As reported by detik, even though the 21 heart medicines are medicines that must be consumed, some of them eat away at the tendons and ultimately cause weakness in the leg muscles. To deal with this, Donny underwent therapy which ultimately prevented Donny from carrying out his activities.

Even though he was absent from a number of God Bless activities, this 74 year old man remains enthusiastic about his band’s affairs.

Learning from Donny Fattah’s story, working in old age is certainly not something that is prohibited. But of course everything must be done without ignoring health conditions.

Understand our reasons for wanting to work again & our physical condition

When pension funds and debt become the main reason for working, then working will become a mandatory activity that must be carried out. And the person concerned must be aware that at an unproductive age, a person’s health condition is no longer in prime condition, and a person can easily contract a critical illness.

If you are only worried about your income, you should at least still have active health insurance because illness can be very expensive.

However, if you still have debt, you must not only have health insurance but also life insurance. This is because debts can be passed on to heirs who are none other than your family.

Rather than burdening your family with piles of debt, by having life insurance, the insurance coverage money can be used to pay off debts when you die.

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