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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The riddle of the name of Prabowo Subianto’s vice presidential candidate will soon be answered. Reportedly, the name of the Minister of Defense’s companion for the 2024 presidential election has been agreed upon by all supporting parties.

PAN General Chair Zulkifli Hasan said that the vice presidential candidate promoted by the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM) was already in Prabowo Subianto’s pocket. He said that at a meeting of KIM officials in Kertanegara IV, Jakarta, some time ago, there was one name that was agreed upon by most of the coalition members.

“We are one party with three names, there is one thing that everyone agrees on. Later you can ask Pak Prabowo, it’s already in his pocket,” said Zulhas at the Widya Chandra Complex, Jakarta, quoted from CNN, Saturday (21/10).

Zulhas admitted that during the meeting, each coalition party proposed three names of Prabowo’s running mate.

He said that the discussion about the vice presidential candidate also sparked discussions among the KIM political party.

“There are other things, yes, those that are accepted here, those that are not accepted here, that’s how it is. So what is actually agreed is that the parties already have their names in Pak Prabowo’s pocket,” he said.

Zulhas said that the vice presidential candidate would be discussed more deeply within the coalition. He emphasized that the decision would be taken by deliberation and consensus.

Apart from that, he said that KIM would hold another follow-up meeting today, Saturday (21/10/2023).

So far there are two names who are strong candidates for Prabowo’s vice presidential candidate, namely Erick Thohir and Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

The news about Gibran becoming Prabowo’s vice presidential candidate was strengthened by his absence at the announcement of Mahfud MD as Ganjar Pranowo’s vice presidential candidate. At that time Gibran was still in Solo, Central Java.

Meanwhile, the news that Erick would be Prabowo’s vice presidential candidate strengthened as he returned to Indonesia. For information, in the last 5 days, Erick accompanied President Joko Widodo to China and Saudi Arabia.

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