Expert Calculates Remaining Life of the Sun, Terrifying Fate Threatens Earth Tech – 15 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The sun apparently has an age. According to scientists’ calculations, the center of the solar system is now around 5 billion years old or entering its middle age phase.

According to expert notes, the age of the Sun can have a negative effect on other planets, including Earth. The carbon cycle will slow down so that many plants will not be able to survive.

In the end, it is believed that the Earth will no longer be a habitat for plants. When that happens, the food chain will be destroyed. Meanwhile, scientists estimate that this terrible event will occur in 600 million years.

Microbes that are able to adapt to changes in the Solar System will also suffer. In the next 1 billion years, the Sun’s temperature is predicted to be 10% hotter than today, quoted from IFLscienceWednesday (18/10/2023).

As a result, the increase in the greenhouse effect can no longer be controlled. Then, the ocean will evaporate and cause drought.

Earth will become a planet like Venus that is capable of melting all the objects in it. You could say, when the time comes, humans will no longer be able to survive on this planet.

“Earth and Mars will likely spiral into the sun, while the other planets will be pushed outward,” the Iflscience report said.

In the end, the sun will melt all its core layers and give rise to a new stellar object called the ‘White Dwarf’. Having lost much of its mass, the White Dwarf will not be able to depend on the remaining planets.

Not only that, scientists estimate that the only remaining giant planet will be Jupiter. Simulations carried out show that this phenomenon will occur in the next 30 billion years. Three planets will disappear in 10 billion years.

Jupiter as the last planet will probably survive for a long time, but in the end it will also be pushed outside the solar system and merge with another star.

Based on simulations, the last planet will leave the solar system within 100 billion years. However, this duration is longer than the age of the universe which is predicted to be around 13.8 billion years.

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