FB-TikTok Has 6 Days, Responsibility Regarding Hamas-Israel Tech – 21 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The European Commission is following up on a 1 x 24 hour warning previously addressed to technology giants regarding disinformation spreading about the Hamas and Israel war on their platforms.

Now, Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) and TikTok have been given a deadline of October 25 2023 to share details about handling this disinformation.

According to the European Commission, fake and misleading news spread on social media is causing the Hamas-Israel conflict to escalate in the virtual realm, and have an impact on the physical space.

The European Commission’s further steps are based on the applicable Digital Services Act (DSA) regulations. If platform providers do not comply with regulations regarding eradicating disinformation in Europe, then there are large fines lurking.

Technology giants are threatened with paying 6% of their total revenue in the European region, reported CNBC International, Friday (20/10/2023).

Previously, last week the European Commission made a similar request to Elon Musk as the founder of X (formerly Twitter).

TikTok said it had received a request from the European Commission. Currently, his party is reviewing how to accommodate this request.

“We will publish our transparency report under the DSA next week. We will provide information about what we are working on to ensure the security of the European community,” said a TikTok spokesperson.

Meta has not yet responded to this matter.

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