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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – It’s no secret that Gen Z (1997-2012) is a generation surrounded by technology. There are significant differences in the way Gen Z uses technology compared to older generations.

There is also a trend in the United States (US) that says Gen Z tends to want to return to an era before advanced technology like today. For example, many Gen Z use feature phones as second phones.

Apart from that, there is also a Gen Z trend that is returning to small pocket digital cameras that can be carried everywhere. Gen Z seems to want to experience a more ‘analog’ life than today.

So, the difference in Gen Z’s use of technology can be seen in the way they interact with emojis, quoted from CNBC International, Thursday (19/10/2023).

Emoji is a way of expression via a digital platform using characters embedded on a cellphone when interacting via chat. Every year, there are new emojis to enrich experiences in the virtual world.

CNBC International reports that this year there will be nearly 3,500 emojis on virtual platforms, according to data from Statista.

Often, an emoji can say more than a direct human expression. At least that’s according to Gen Z’s observations.

However, sometimes expressions via emojis are not necessarily the same as real expressions. In fact, for Gen Z, emojis sent via chat mean the opposite of the actual situation.

CNBC International gave the example that when Gen Z feels something is very funny, they don’t send an emoji showing a character laughing out loud.

On the other hand, Gen Z will send an emoji that shows a crying expression with tears flowing profusely. Or, sometimes they send a skull emoji if something they find particularly funny.

When someone shares a joke, the popular response among Gen Z is not ‘hahaha’, but ‘I am dead’.

The clown emoji is often sent when a comment is considered ‘stupid’. Meanwhile, the eye emoji is often used when you want to respond to something suspicious via chat.

The upside down face emoji is used when you want to comment on something that didn’t go according to the initial plan.

Well, those are a handful of emojis that are often used by Gen Z and the meaning behind them. I hope this helps!

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