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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Netizens on X (formerly Twitter) are busy talking about ‘Family Court’. The reason is that today, Tuesday (24/10), a name tag or location marker appeared on Google Maps.

Netizens shared screenshots showing the name and location next to the Constitutional Court (MK) Building on Google Maps called ‘Family Court’.

This seems to be a satire from netizens regarding the Family Court, after the Constitutional Court, chaired by President Joko Widodo’s brother-in-law, Anwar Usman, granted the lawsuit regarding the age requirements for presidential and vice presidential candidates (capres-cawapres) on Monday (16/10/2023) through a controversial decision.

This controversial decision allows presidential candidates who are under 40 years old, as long as they have experience in leading a region.

“Netijen is being resisted! The Constitutional Court on Google Maps has changed its name to “Family Court”,” said the account @narkosun while sharing a screenshot showing Google Maps with the location tag of the Family Court on Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta.

Another image shows a picture of a street with a tag that says ‘Family Court’ on a tree in front of the RRI building next to the MK building.

“It turns out it’s the Family Court on Google Maps. Indonesian netizens are being opposed,” said @KangManto123.

“Damn, it’s actually the Family Court on Google Maps,” wrote @psisonderpt2.

According to CNBC Indonesia monitoring on Tuesday (24/10) at 14.30 WIB, the tag was still visible. When you type “Family Court” in the Google Maps search column, the location of the MK building in Medan Merdeka Barat appears.

However, when the tag was clicked to go to that location, the tag was gone and it returned to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia.

We have tried to contact Google Indonesia representatives regarding this Family Court tag. However, Google had not responded until the news was written.

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