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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu RI) has prepared a budget of IDR 7.52 trillion for El Nino Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) for 18.8 million Beneficiary Families (KPM) from November to December 2023. El Nino BLT is assistance provided by the government to the community who are unable to survive the El Nino phenomenon which is characterized by long dry seasons.

Meanwhile, the requirements for El Nino BLT recipients are recipients of the Family Hope Program (PKH) assistance.

Minister of Finance (Menkeu RI), Sri Mulyani, said that assistance would be provided in the amount of IDR 200 thousand per month. He emphasized that BLT receipts would be on target because all data had been registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos RI).

“They (KPM) will get IDR 200 thousand per month for November and December. We will give IDR 200 thousand to increase their purchasing power,” said Sri Mulyani at the press conference for the October 2023 edition of our APBN in Jakarta, Wednesday (25/10/2023).

“We are giving this BLT because triggers El Nino. Why 18.8 million (KPM)? These 18.8 million are the group of recipients with names, addresses and numbers accounts “It’s in the Ministry of Social Affairs so we don’t have to look anymore for who the target is,” explained Sri.

Regarding the distribution of BLT, Sri hopes that the Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos RI), Tri Rismaharini, can execute the assistance well in accordance with the data that has been recorded at the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs.

“In this case, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Mrs. Risma, is expected to be able to execute direct cash assistance for 18.8 million KPM whose names, addresses and account numbers are already listed,” said Sri.

“We are providing IDR 7.52 trillion for direct cash assistance which will be implemented by the Ministry of Social Affairs,” he continued.

Apart from BLT El Nino, the Indonesian Ministry of Finance has also prepared additional funds of IDR 2.67 trillion for rice assistance in December 2023 to 21.3 million KPM.

Previously, the government had disbursed a social assistance budget in the form of rice amounting to IDR 7.9 trillion for the period March to May and IDR 8 trillion for the period September to November 2023. This rice assistance will be distributed through Bappanas or the National Food Agency.

Sri revealed that the reason the government extended the distribution of rice aid was because of the ongoing El Nino. According to him, El Nino caused the number of rice harvests to decrease because most rice production centers experienced drought.

“So, this assistance is provided because El Nino does have quite a long impact,” said Sri.

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