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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Google Search has a new feature that can make it easier to learn English. This feature can be tried for Android users in Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Venezuela.

Google Search users in this country can learn English with the personalized input feature.

In a blog post about the new feature, Google wrote that learning a language can open up new opportunities in a person’s life.

This can help users connect with other people from different cultures, travel the world, and advance their careers.

But new languages ​​are difficult to learn, especially as many students cite a lack of opportunities to actively practice conversation and get advice and feedback.

“Google Search has become a valuable tool for learning languages, providing translations, definitions and other resources to improve vocabulary,” said Google Research Director Christian Plagemann, quoted from TechCrunchThursday (26/10/2023).

“Now, students who translate to or from English on their Android phones will discover a new English speaking practice experience with personalized input,” he added.

This new experience gives Google Search users hints and asks them to speak the answer using the vocabulary provided.

During each 3 to 5 minute training session, Search will provide personalized feedback and also comes with the option for daily reminders.

Google partners with ESL/EFL linguists, teachers, and pedagogy experts to create effective and motivating speaking practice experiences.

The personalized input feature provides users with semantic feedback regarding their speaking skills, giving them an idea of ​​whether the answer used to a question is likely to be understood by the interlocutor or not.

Google also offers a feedback feature in grammar that provides suggestions on possible grammar improvements and alternative ways to respond to certain contexts.

To improve the English learning process, Google will also allow users to get contextual translation for a sentence.

During a training session, users can tap on a particular word and understand its meaning based on the context.

Google’s new English learning feature is powered by a new deep learning model called Deep Aligner developed in collaboration with the Google Translate team.

These new features will be available to users in supported countries in the next few days. The search giant promises to add support for more languages ​​and countries soon.

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