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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia -Many foreign media are highlighting the Indonesian presidential election (Pemilu RI). This is at least visible from the Thursday-Friday report (20/10/2023).

One of them is related to the registration of presidential candidates (capres) and vice presidential candidates (cawapres). At least it’s loaded ABC News And Straits Times with an article entitled “Indonesian presidential candidates register for next year’s elections”.

“Election fever in Indonesia began to peak when the first two pairs of candidates for key posts in the country submitted their applications on Thursday, amid a carnival-like atmosphere with thousands of supporters cheering them on,” he wrote.

“A sea of ​​party flags was visible in front of the Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU) in Central Jakarta on Thursday, on the first day of candidate registration,” the media added.

“The crowd shouted the names of their candidates, prayed for their victory and danced to the music from the loudspeakers,” he explained.

“Former Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan and his partner, Chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB) Muhaimin Iskandar, were the first people to register,”.

It was also described how the two of them brought a white jeep with 12 security officers. The white shirt worn is also mentioned.

It was also explained how other couples also registered. They are Ganjar Pranowo and Mahfud MD.

“At around 12.40 noon, candidates from the ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), former Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and Indonesian Security Minister Mahfud MD, appeared before the commission in an open truck decorated with the country’s flag, red and white, “load the media again.

“Mr Ganjar wore a black shirt, while Mr Mahfud wore a white shirt,” he added.

“Protected by a security team, the couple waved to the crowd from a truck that was driving slowly along the 2 km route from the Proclamation of Independence Park, where supporters gathered, towards the KPU,” he said.

“Their entourage also consists of a marching band and dancers in traditional costumes from various provinces in Indonesia.”

Farmers to Opticians

Supporting fanfare is also included. A rice farmer named Ayoh Abas, reportedly came all the way from Banten Province to support his presidential candidate at the KPU,

He is said to have left his house at 4.00 am. He even became the first person to stand outside the KPU.

“I want change. Anies can bring change. I want irrigation. Our rice fields are completely dependent on rain, and the conditions are very dry,” he said, referring to support for Anies.

Not only Ayoh, housewife Nurhayati Manurung, was also willing to jostle with train users from Tangerang, to get to the KPU. He came with 250 Ganjar supporters.

“Admiring his humility and good track record as Governor of Central Java,” the media quoted Nurhayati as saying.

“Very cool couple,” he said again.

It also describes how registration brings good fortune to local traders. From T-Shirt traders, food and drinks, to glasses.

“Not bad, not bad, not bad!” shouted a man selling sunglasses for IDR 10,000 on the same page.


Meanwhile, Reuters, highlighting the profiles of all candidates. Including who will accompany Prabowo Subianto

The media published an article entitled “Candidates for Indonesia’s presidential election”. It was explained how several names emerged to become Prabowo’s vice presidential candidate.

One of them is the eldest son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) Gibran Rakabuming Raka. Compared to other candidates, Prabowo has not yet named his candidate.

“Gibran Rakabuming Raka, the president’s eldest son, has served as Mayor of Surakarta since 2020, a position previously held by his father,” wrote the media.

“Speculation was widespread that Gibran, 36, would be paired with Prabowo after the Constitutional Court ruled that the minimum age requirement of 40 years for a candidate did not need to be applied in all cases,” he added.

However, write Reutersthere is anger that emerged from that decision. This, he added, could cause Prabowo to choose another candidate.

Two other names were also mentioned, namely Erick Thohir and Khofifah Indar Parawansa. Both are said to have great potential to be chosen by Prabowo.

“A businessman and politician who once owned Italian football giant Inter Milan, Erick (53) heads the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) and serves as Minister of State-Owned Enterprises,” the media said, explaining his figure.

“He is one of Jokowi’s closest allies and has overseen the consolidation of state companies, pushing for more public listings to improve governance,” he added. Reuters.

“Khofifah Indar Parawansa, one of Indonesia’s most prominent female politicians, the popular 58 year old Governor of East Java has been approached… Khofifah previously served as Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Minister of Social Affairs and has strong connections with the grassroots movement and the women’s wing of Nahdlatul Ulama , one of the largest Islamic organizations in Indonesia,” explained the media again.

Prabowo himself has not yet chosen his vice presidential candidate. This possibility will be announced later this week.

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