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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Hamas attacks on Israel are said to have been intervened by Kim Jong Un. To bombard Israel’s defenses, the militant group used Pyongyang-made rockets, the F-7.

This report is reinforced by the latest statement from the South Korean military. It was stated that the missiles used were produced by neighboring countries.

“An official from South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCF) told reporters that the type of high-explosive fragmentation rocket used in the October 7 attack appeared to be manufactured in North Korea,” wrote Nikkei Asiaquoted on Sunday (22/10/2023).

“However, the official did not specify whether the rockets were provided directly by North Korea or through transactions involving other countries,” he added.

Nikkei Asia also quoted officials as saying that the artillery shells found near the Israeli border belonged to North Korea.

Previously it was reported that a number of North Korean-made weapons had been in Iran for a long time. This was revealed by the former Israeli Ambassador to South Korea, Akiva Tor.

“We will destroy these weapons in Gaza,” Tor added.

North Korea is known to support Palestine. Hamas’ use of weapons from Pyongyang also does not really surprise analysts.

This is because Kim Jong Un has a long history of supplying weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy groups in Lebanon. Special representative for Syria involvement in 2018-2020, James Jeffrey explained that North Korea has long sent weapons and technical know-how to radical forces in the Middle East.

“I would not be surprised because North Korea is involved in the sale and transfer of illegal weapons, both to make money and to disrupt the international order on a large scale. Therefore, every time we experience a new crisis or conflict, there are traces of North Korea,” he explained.

North Korea has also spoken out about the news. In a statement on their official news agency, KCNA, they denied and called the information false.

According to Pyongyang, the report is the US’s way of looking for a scapegoat for the conflict in Gaza. “This is simply an attempt to shift the blame for the Middle East crisis caused by wrong hegemonic policies to a third country and thus avoid international criticism that focuses on the evil empire,” the state was quoted as saying AFP.

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