International Putin Responds to Gaza Hospital Bombing Killing 500 People, Says This News – 43 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russian President Vladimir Putin opened his voice regarding the missile attack on Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital (RS) in Central Gaza. Previously, the attack had killed 500 people.

Putin speaks on the sidelines of a press conference in Beijing, China, while attending a forum Belt and Road Initiative, Wednesday. He called it a disaster.

“Regarding the attack on the hospital, the tragedy that occurred there, it was a terrible event,” he said as quoted by Reuters, Thursday (19/10/2023).

“Hundreds of people died, hundreds were injured. This is, of course, a disaster,” he added.

He also urged the conflict to end immediately. He asked for immediate negotiations.

“In any case, we need to focus on the possibility of starting some contacts and negotiations,” he stressed.

According to him, through forums Belt and Road Initiative, he actually had the impression that no major country wanted the conflict to escalate. Moreover, it makes the situation even worse.

“I get the impression that no one wants this to continue, the conflict will grow and the situation will get worse,” Putin said.

“In my opinion… some are afraid of something, but I get the impression that practically none of the players are ready to develop the conflict and turn it into a large-scale war,” he said again.

Hamas VS Fatah and the Establishment of the State of Palestine

On the same occasion, he also spoke about Hamas and Fatah. The reaction of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas from Fatah, who reportedly thought Hamas did not represent Palestine when speaking with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, was highlighted.

“Abbas showed that he is not hostile to the Gaza Strip and those who control the situation there,” said Putin, explaining the situation differently from previous reports.

“Regarding the establishment of a Palestinian state, our position is principled… we have always supported the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem,” Putin said.

Israel continues to bombard Gaza. Until now, quote Al Jazeera already experiencing a severe humanitarian crisis due to the absence of electricity while water, food, fuel and medical supplies are running out.

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