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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – LSI Denny JA noted that the prospective presidential and vice presidential candidate pair of the Advanced Indonesia Coalition (KIM), Prabowo Subianto-Gibran Rakabuming, occupied first place in the latest survey, Tuesday (24/10).

Prabowo-Gibran is ahead with electability reaching 39.3 percent. Followed by Ganjar Pranowo-Mahfud MD with 36.9 percent, then Anies Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar (AMIN) with only 15 percent.

From the results of the survey, LSI Denny JA said that there was no presidential-vice presidential candidate pair who would win in one round. Because, the figure has not yet reached above 50 percent.

“When three pairs are running as candidates in the upcoming presidential election, not a single pair can be sure of winning in one round. This means that each of them is still below 50 percent,” said LSI researcher Denny JA, Hanggoro Doso Pamungkas online.

In his presentation, Hanggoro revealed that Prabowo-Gibran, among other things, excelled in the voter segments of the community group with junior high school graduates and under, men, Muslims, and the age group under 30 years.

Meanwhile, Ganjar-Mahfud excels in the group of people with high school graduates or equivalent or D3, non-Islamic groups, and those aged over 30 years.

“From this data we get that Gen Z or we classify voters aged 17-23 years as 7.4 percent and here Prabowo-Gibran is superior to his opponents by 50 percent,” said Hanggoro.

The LSI Denny JA survey was conducted during the period 4-12 September 2023 on 1,200 respondents with a method for determining respondents using multi-stage random sampling.

Survey data was collected using face-to-face questionnaire interviews with a survey margin of error of around 2.9 percent.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI) also noted that Prabowo-Gibran was also superior in the survey results released on Sunday (22/10).

Prabowo, who was simulated with Gibran, was superior with electability reaching 35.9 percent. In second place are Ganjar-Mahfud with electability of 26.1 percent, then the pair Anies-Cak Imin with 19.6 percent.

Meanwhile, in the Ipsos Public Affairs Telesurvey on 17-19 October 2023, the Ganjar-Mahfud pair was ahead of the other two pairs.

The telesurvey recorded the achievement of the Ganjar-Mahfud pair at 31.98 percent, followed by Prabowo-Gibran at 31.32 percent, and Anies-Muhaimin at 28.91 percent.

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