Microsoft Employee Salaries Leaked, Bonuses Make Tech Drool – 9 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Microsoft employee salary guidance document leaked to the surface. This ‘confidential’ document is used by management in deciding salary offers to new employees.

Every year, employees of the software giant can collect millions of US dollars. The employee’s basic salary reaches US$ 361,500 (Rp. 5.7 billion).

Meanwhile, the bonus given can be up to US$ 1.2 million (Rp. 19.1 billion). In addition, the annual share allocation reached US$ 945,000 (Rp. 15 billion), quoted from DailymailMonday (23/10/2023).

These figures apply to employees who enter the ‘partners’ level. For higher levels, the pay can be higher. However, this is not stated in the leaked document.

Meanwhile, the lowest employee level, called ‘rank 52’, has a basic salary starting from US$ 42,500 (Rp. 677 million).

Employee level is determined by work experience and length of service at the company. Annual stock bonuses and awards are based on their performance and career level.

Microsoft’s spending on employee salaries and bonuses was maintained, even though the company laid off 10,000 employees. The cuts were announced in January 2023 and ended on September 30.

Further layoffs for the customer service, support and sales divisions were announced in July 2023. Microsoft refused to comment on the leaked employee salaries.

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