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Age is just a number. This expression was reflected in a 97 year old man from Sukamanah Village, Cimanggu District, Sukabumi, Abah Tuban.
In fact, Abah still continues to work hard in his old age, even though his body is frail and his walking is limping. By selling apem around, Abah hopes for rupiah.

Each cake is offered at a price of IDR 1,000. He was also helped by his wife, Irah, who cooked the apem cake.

The process of making apem cake takes a very long time, is tiring, and requires extra energy. In a week, they are only able to make 150-200 apem cakes. This is because they are actually no longer able to do this heavy work. However, they went through the ups and downs together in order to fulfill their daily needs with great fortitude and gratitude.

“There’s still not enough for every day. So like it or not, we just keep selling,” said Irah. “No, it has to be done with pleasure so you don’t get tired. If it’s with pleasure, and while singing, you don’t get tired,” added Abah Tuban to complete it.

Actually, Abah Tuban has 8 children and 26 grandchildren. They are all married and live separately. They have also told their parents to stop working. However, Abah Tuban and his wife rejected this and chose to continue selling apem cakes because they felt love and affection for their children and grandchildren and did not want to be a burden.

“Children already have their own responsibilities, they also have grandchildren. My great-grandson is already 26,” said Abah.

Apart from having a high sense of gratitude and fighting spirit, Abah Tuban also has a heart like an angel. His noble attitude arose from his sincerity and generosity when he distributed the rest of his unsold merchandise.

He gave away the apem cakes for free to anyone he met on his way home. He considers this as a field of reward and charity that he can get for himself.

“If I don’t run out of sales, I often give away the rest. I share it with anyone close to me when I take a public transportation home,” said Abah Tuban. “If there are 30 leftover cakes, usually someone gives 50 thousand rupiah. So, I already have a replacement and I don’t feel difficult. God has given me sustenance. So that there is still a lot left to sell, that amount of money is enough,” he continued.

Abah Tuban and his wife also did not demand an excessive life. Living together in a very simple house and with limitations that are always based on gratitude is enough to make them live happily. The principles held by Abah Tuban can also be used as an example in carrying out daily activities.

“I don’t want to buy a motorbike, a rice field, nothing. I just want to be able to meet my daily household needs,” said my father. “If I can still do it myself, I will continue working,” said Abah Tuban confidently.

Good friends, the story of Abah Tuban can be used as a glimmer of inspiration in living this life. Every step we take and every drop of sweat we go through must always be accompanied by gratitude.

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