Never mind, Don’t Expect High Salaries Working in Tech Startups – 15 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Workers in the technology world are known for their fantastic salaries. The amount is no joke, there are tens to hundreds of millions of rupiah per month.

This large salary also made it difficult for those affected by layoffs during the tech winter. However, it turns out that changes have occurred.

Although salaries are still in the high range, companies are starting to make adjustments to the salaries of employees in technology roles.

“For this reason, job seekers must really understand the situation. Forget the past, look at the future. Your future will have less salary. That’s okay,” said Country Marketing Manager Jobstreet by Seek Indonesia, Sawitri when met in Jakarta, Wednesday (18 /10/2023).

When asked about people’s interest in working at a startup, he said it was still quite interesting. However, there was indeed fear because of the large number of layoffs that occurred at technology startups.

However, Sawitri explained that jobs in the technology sector will still be attractive now. Because technology companies open up quite a lot of career opportunities before moving to another company.

According to Sawitri, this happens because of the high need for technology even for the future. Everything will require technology, he said.

“Startups are actually still interesting, yes. But there was some fear, there was a layoff. I think there are still many people who are interested. I’m honest, the data still needs to be found,” explained Sawitri.

“I think it’s still interesting to work in tech, because the opportunities are big. Once you join a tech company, it’s easy to jump to another company. It’s a career jump. The future is tech,” he concluded.

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