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Not many children feel comfortable and safe in studying, one of which is school children in the interior of Papua.

They have to fight hard against all existing obstacles, from the very long distance to school, the very lack of textbooks and stationery, the lack of teaching staff, to inadequate nutrition.

This sad story happened to 80 children at Nogba Reading Park, Tolikara, Papua. They must be willing to penetrate the dense wilderness and pass through the steep and steep mountains there. Only armed with the enthusiasm from home, they are not afraid to face all threats that may come during their journey.

“Some of the children we guide here come from villages that are very far away. If you walk it can take 3 days or more. And here they stay at someone’s house so they can go to school. I’m happy with their enthusiasm for wanting to go to school even though it’s far away. Only sometimes “The problem is because we live in someone’s house, we often miss school because we have to help our host with gardening,” explained Refol Malimpu, one of the teachers there.

Never mind uniforms, they don’t even have footwear like sandals. They made the long journey barefoot. The tattered clothes they wore were actually not strong enough to withstand the cold there. However, such obstacles were their daily bread. In fact, they have made friends with the wild nature there.

“Yes, they don’t have shoes. They walk here barefoot and don’t have shoes. With a distance of approximately one hour from home to school, we also don’t know whether they passed through the forest, whether they were stabbed by wood or hit by stones. “I was shocked that it was red and swollen. He said it was punctured by wood. I said don’t go to school yet, you go for treatment first,” he continued.

The sincere hearts of Refol and the other two teachers have revived the dreams of the children there. They not only help a lot with learning, but are also involved in efforts to address children’s nutritional needs.

It has even been recorded that children there were included in the list of the worst stunting cases in Indonesia in 2022.

Therefore, Refol is also trying to help fulfill the nutrition of children there by creating a small fish farm. He is willing to set aside most of his savings just to meet food needs there.

Because, all the children there often go hungry because they only eat sweet potatoes or cassava which are only the size of an adult’s fist. Even for dinner, they almost never do. To know what rice tastes like, they can only eat it once a month, and that’s also uncertain.

“Because the children come to school every day, some don’t even have breakfast. Even if they continue studying with me, they don’t eat. Like for example, the children here often eat sweet potatoes or cassava. They only eat 1 or 2 seeds at a time. “One day. Every day they are like that. The vegetables are sometimes cassava leaves or sweet potato leaves. No wonder their stomachs are bloated, right? Maybe that’s already stunting,” said Refol.

In the midst of all the existing limitations, the children there also have to bear very heavy responsibilities. Apart from their struggle to get a decent education, they also have to struggle to support themselves. This is because they come from villages very far away and have to live in someone’s house which is located near the school.

“Sometimes if they don’t work at someone’s house or help in the garden, they don’t get to eat. I’m so sad that I think about what if I gave them food so they wouldn’t help someone and just focus on studying,” said Refol.

“Sometimes I also give them homework in the hope that they will have time to study at home. But the next day they don’t do it because they say they were told to help, go to the garden, look for wood and cook pig food,” he continued.

Nevertheless, despite all the heavy responsibilities that children their age should not have to bear, it never even crossed his mind to stop going to school. Their passion and enthusiasm in seeking knowledge deserves a thumbs up even though they have to overcome many obstacles.

“The children were really enthusiastic. The reason I said that was seen from ‘how come these children want to go far from their village and live in someone else’s house just to go to school?’. I see it from there. It’s just sad that they live in “The wrong person’s house that they tricked. Even though if you look at the children themselves, wow, they come all the way from their village and want to come live with other people just to seek knowledge. They want to learn,” said Refol again.

“And every time they come home from school they always ask for homework. Although sometimes there are those who end up not being able to do their homework, and it’s only the next morning that they rush to do their homework. Because when they come home sometimes they don’t do it because there’s no electricity, there’s no time because told to help at home,” he continued.

Refol and the two teachers there also always hope that cases like this will receive serious attention from the local government. But they also realize that they cannot depend entirely on getting help.

Therefore, Refol also always instills a fighting spirit in the children there in the midst of their learning.

“So you have to study. If you see that your parents are having a difficult life now, you have to fix that by becoming a successful person. Study well, go to school well, then come home and build your area,” said Refol in rebuilding the spirit of the children. child there.

Good friends, the struggle of the children there has reopened our eyes to the fact that many children in remote areas of Papua still do not have their rights fulfilled in obtaining a decent education. Let’s reach out to the children there to have a brighter future.

You can help them by donating at The donation you give, whatever the size, will certainly revive a glimmer of hope in achieving their dreams. No need to worry, the donation you give will be distributed 100% without any deductions.

Come on, don’t postpone your good intentions for the sake of their dreams! Let’s do good from now on!

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