Startup Investors Look for Farmers, Not Graduates of Famous Colleges Tech – 17 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Startups in the agritech sector are considered to have promising potential and are being targeted by venture capitalists in Indonesia. Investors reveal startup founders who are being sought by capital owners.

So what important things do investors look for in an agritech startup?

Managing Partner of Ascent Venture Group Aldi Adrian Hartanto revealed that to be successful in building an agritech startup is to have knowledge about this industry, before finally building a business in agritech.

Usually, he said, his company looks for startup founders who have previously been involved in the world of agritech. Because the experience and knowledge you have will help the startup run.

“So I think especially in the agritech space, we realize that to be successful in this, the first thing you have to have is what we call pre-knowledge skills, at least for this particular industry,” he said at the Tech in Asia Conference. 2023, Thursday (19/10/2023).

“So usually we look for founders who have done this before, and usually it’s not someone who is a college graduate, in my opinion they are usually focused, which is very helpful,” he added.

Usually they will combine the team with someone who is an expert in another field. Like, for example, someone from the startup industry who has experience in the legal field.

Second, investors see companies that focus on their goals, both in terms of funding, technical and business matters, as input and output for the company.

Then what they are looking for is a company that has reserves or has prepared new innovation capabilities in the fields of knowledge, business and how to develop people.

“For example, if you want to be able to increase your desire to be able to optimize your yield or product, and what proportion of fertilizer you should use,” said Aldi.

“So those are some of them that we typically see in startups in the agricultural technology space. That can give us more bang for our buck.” he concluded.

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