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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Amazon Web Services announced plans to launch a user-only cloud in Europe. Data stored and managed in the cloud will not be transferred outside the European Union.

The European Union has regulations regarding data, cyber security and algorithms that are stricter than other economic regions.

Apart from servers located within the European Union, data stored in the European-only cloud can only be managed by AWS employees who are residents of the European Union.

European authorities last year began launching investigations into public cloud infrastructure to ensure enforcement of the European Union’s strict security and privacy regulations.

The European Union regulations are a response to the movement of data from on-premise servers to the cloud. Now, more and more companies and government agencies are choosing to “rent” data storage and management services offered by technology companies in the form of cloud platforms rather than building their own infrastructure.

AWS will launch their first server in Germany which can be accessed by users in Europe. Apart from AWS, Microsoft and Oracle have also launched cloud services specifically for European government users.

Cloud in Indonesia

Cloud services are also growing rapidly in Indonesia. In fact, citing IDC data, growth could reach US$933 million or Rp. 14.6 trillion this year.

“Cloud will continue to increase. From that figure for Indonesia from IDC US$933 million. In terms of growth [setiap tahunnya] “20%-30%, depending on the situation,” said Director of Channels and Strategic Partnerships Google Cloud South East Asia, Megawaty Khie, Wednesday (11/10/2023).

When asked about people’s confidence in using the cloud, he believed it was quite high. Because many people are lazy about buying and using hardware, so they end up switching to the cloud.

“It’s very high now, the first thing is that people are lazy about buying hardware anymore. They used to have to order hardware. They had to wait two months and position it,” he explained. “It’s easier to implement. You talk to me [menyediakan layanan cloud] In the afternoon it was there. Adaptation increases.”

In addition, many people are no longer worried about using the cloud. However, Megawaty noted that there was one obstacle to implementing cloud domestically, namely related to permits given by the government. For example, if a bank wants to use the cloud, it must first obtain permission from the relevant institution.

“I see the problem is that the government must be more supportive. For our customers, especially banks, if they want to try using the cloud, they have to get permission, ask for permission from BI from the OJK. Usually permission takes quite a long time,” he said.

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