Tamara Wins Lawsuit for IDR 34 Billion, This is the Benefit of My Money Will – 16 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Feud between artist Tamara Bleszynski and his brother, Ryszard Bleszynski, regarding the Rp. 34 billion breach of contract lawsuit have entered a new phase. Now, the lawsuit for breach of contract has been rejected by the Panel of Judges at the South Jakarta District Court.

Previously, this breach of contract lawsuit went viral in early 2023. Reportedly, Tamara and Ryszard have agreed to cover their father’s medical expenses. However, the agreement was never carried out until finally Ryszard filed a lawsuit against Tamara for their father’s medical costs worth IDR 34 billion.

“Declaring that the Plaintiff’s lawsuit is unacceptable (niet ontvankelijk verklaard),” said Djuyamto, public relations officer at the South Jakarta District Court, via short message, yesterday, as quoted second.

The panel of judges considered not accepting the lawsuit due to the lack of parties being sued by Ryszard Bleszynski. According to the panel of judges, Ryszard should not just sue Tamara Bleszynski, but the other heirs.

Tamara finally commented and said that the accusation of breach of contract was considered slander. He also touched on the issue of his father’s will when he uploaded a photo of his father on his Instagram account.

“The real victory is when the mandate of (my father’s) will is fulfilled. It is distributed fairly to all the heirs according to the valid will,” wrote Tamara Bleszynski.

Seeing the feud that occurred between Tamara and her brother, there is an issue that is actually very important to pay attention to, namely the issue of inheritance.

Tamara quite often highlights inheritance issues that have not been divided for 21 years. And Ryszard’s party is always accused of controlling the hotel left by his father.

Is it true that with a will, the entire inheritance process will run smoothly? Here’s the review.

A will is the last will of the testator

A will or testament is not just an ordinary letter. The letter contains a message from someone who has died to family members.

It can also be said that the heirs should respect this letter, because this letter symbolizes the last wishes and will of the testator.

Having a will can help avoid disputes between the heirs and the family left behind, if in the letter the heir wants to clearly regulate how to distribute his property and assets in accordance with applicable law.

The division of inherited assets certainly has a legal process, and it is possible that this will lengthen the distribution time and increase costs.

A will is certainly useful for minimizing conflicts between family members.

Can a will be contested?

When the contents of a will violate the provisions of inheritance law, the will can also be challenged by other heirs. Call it when it violates the absolute rights of the heirs.

In the Civil Code inheritance law, there is the term legitime portie which you may have heard interpreted as an absolute part of the inheritance that must be given to the straight line heirs.

It is legal to challenge a will if there are these provisions, but if the contents of the will do not contain any elements of violation, then the plaintiff could lose in court.

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