This is the Meaning of the Garuda Truntum Motif Batik Worn by Gibran Lifestyle – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, has become the main topic of Indonesian society since he was officially announced as a candidate for vice president (bacawapres) accompanying Prabowo Subianto, Sunday (22/10/2023) evening.

Before being declared as Prabowo’s vice presidential candidate, Gibran’s name had been widely discussed since he received a Decree (SK) recommending him as vice presidential candidate from the Golkar Party.

When receiving the recommendation decree at the Golkar National Leadership Meeting (Rapimnas) at the Golkar DPP Office, Jakarta, on Saturday (21/10/2023), President Joko Widodo’s first child was seen wearing brown Truntum Garuda motif batik from Surakarta (Solo).

So, what is Truntum Garuda batik?

Reporting from Batik Indonesia and Batik Prabuseno, the Truntum motif batik which means “Guide” was created by Kanjeng Ratu Kencana, namely Empress Ingkang Sinuhun Sri Susuhunan Pakubuwana III from Surakarta, Central Java.

According to history, Truntum motif batik appeared after King Pakubuwono III decided to remarry because Queen Beruk was no longer able to produce children.

At that time, Queen Beruk could only accept King Pakubuwono III’s decision and contemplate looking at the stars at night so as not to feel lonely. Inspired by the stars, Ratu Beruk also created Truntum batik.

Thanks to this history, Truntum batik is generally patterned with jasmine flowers or stars with a black base color and brown accents. However, Truntum also has many ornaments that have certain meanings, one of which is the Garuda motif, like the one used by Gibran.

In Truntum batik, the Garuda motif or ornament symbolizes illumination for human life, authority, and obtaining blessings. Not only that, the Garuda ornament also has the philosophy of a man’s masculinity.

In Solo and DI Yogyakarta, Truntum batik is often used during traditional Javanese wedding ceremonies or processions. Usually, Truntum batik is used by the parents of the bride and groom who are about to enter a new chapter of life.

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