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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Indonesian Export Financing Institution (Indonesia Eximbank) shows its commitment to supporting the national export program, by playing an active role in providing consulting services to export-oriented SMEs and export start-ups.

This consultation and support was really felt by the Main Director of CV Centerindo Kurnia Tritama, Dwi Karti Handayani, who produces botanical tea and spice drinks for LPEI.

“We are fully supported from small things to the future. We, who have no experience in making agreements, hope that LPEI can help in every aspect,” explained Hani at Trade Expo Indonesia, at ICE BSD Tangerang, Friday (20/10/2023).

Not only that, Hani also hopes to always receive support to identify market opportunities abroad and develop product innovation.

For your information, CV Centerindo Kurnia Tritama itself is a company that oversees the pioneering brands DENBAGUS, DENAYU, JAW@, WEDANGKU, and DJAK’NEH. The home business that Hani started in 2015 was finally able to survive, despite the pandemic.

“2021 is the silver lining of the pandemic, we have a special agreement for the Den Bagus brand with a distributor in Yogyakarta with national reach, so we are registering the brand again, namely DENAYU,” explained Hani.

Continuing to innovate, in 2023 Hani will produce a new brand, namely WEDANGKU, with dipped and original variants, as well as creating a new brand JAW@, namely powdered red ginger drink. In 2023, Hani and his business will receive the Coaching Program for New Exporters (CPNE) from LPEI.

In this program, Hani gained a lot of knowledge from the training provided both online and offline. Hani even said that LPEI provided the most overseas potential through the CPNE program.

“We received a lot of training, knowledge and learned about financial reports. Together with LPEI we have even succeeded in exporting wedang uwuh goods to Malaysia and introduced this drink to the United States market,” explained Hani.

So far, Centerindo Kurnia Tritama’s products have penetrated the markets of Saudi Arabia, Canada and Germany. This year, together with LPEI DENAYU, we will again send it to Malaysia, and in the next months there will even be a local buyer who has confirmed the purchase of 1,000 items.

Hani said that in the future wedang uwuh is ready to penetrate the German market. Currently, with the support of LPEI, Wedangku is in the administration and licensing process to be able to enter this European country.

“This year we are also present with LPEI at TEI, we are presenting a new product, herbal candy which is very unexpectedly popular and has been offered by Saudi Arabia and European countries, hopefully we can finish the process soon and can truly enter the global arena ,” concluded Hani.

For your information, CPNE from LPEI has been started since 2015 with assistance to more than 1,000 export-oriented business actors in several cities in Indonesia. This unpaid training and mentoring activity is provided to export-oriented MSMEs for one year in certain areas in order to increase capacity and produce new quality exporters that are #LocalandWorldwide.

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