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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A United States (US) State Department official involved in the transfer of weapons to Uncle Sam’s main allies resigned from his position on Wednesday (18/10/2023) local time. The reason is that “short-sighted decisions” by the Biden administration require it to make extremely difficult moral compromises.

“In my 11 years, I have made more moral compromises than I care to remember, each incredibly difficult, but each made with promises I made to myself, and completely intact,” the official, Josh Paul, wrote. in a post explaining his decision quoted from Politico, Saturday (21/10/2023).

Paul worked for the State Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, according to his statement and LinkedIn profile. The office manages defense relations with US allies and oversees the transfer of weapons and war weapons.

His decision comes as the Biden administration has sent weapons and ammunition to Israel, its long-standing ally in the Middle East, following the surprise attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on the country on October 7. Some US people have also strongly criticized America’s alliance with Israel, from high-level public protests to campuses.

“I cannot support this series of major policy decisions, including deploying more weapons on one side of the conflict, which I believe are short-sighted, destructive, unjust and contrary to the values ​​we publicly hold,” Paul added.

President Joe Biden, whose Democratic Party has increasingly expressed sympathy for the Palestinian people, has taken action on the situation. While showing government-wide support for Israel, Biden also sought to express concern that the US’s long-time friend was acting inhumanely towards the Gaza Strip.

“This administration’s response — as well as much of Congress’ response — is an impulsive reaction built on confirmation bias, political convenience, intellectual bankruptcy, and bureaucratic inertia,” Paul wrote in his statement.

In his statement to Politico, Paul outlined several actions he said the Biden administration and Congress could take to better address the ongoing crisis.

That includes recognition of a Palestinian state as the start of a diplomatic process, not as an end goal. As well as, better recognition of the human rights risks in arms transfers.

The US should not provide weapons into a conflict where there is a clear risk – supported by a long historical record – that it might result in disproportionate civilian harm.

During a trip to Israel on Wednesday, Biden announced US$100 million (Rp. 1.58 trillion) in humanitarian aid to Gaza and the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The US State Department also refused to comment on Paul’s decline.

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