Viral, Former 80s Actor Living Poorly After Being Left by My Money’s Wife – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – This is Sunandar, a man who was previously reported to have acted in the film Sherina’s Adventure and was successful in the 1980s. This man stole attention a month ago because he uploaded the Hardi ArtVenture video, because Sunandar lived in a hut in the middle of the forest.

Apart from Sherina’s Adventure, Sunandar reportedly starred opposite Roy Marten in his prime. However, information about Sunandar’s films and personal life is difficult to find online. Sunandar’s difficult life story also went viral after being uploaded by InsertLive and a number of other media.

This man from Palembang also looks foreign because he has never appeared on the screen in the past few years.

Sunandar’s decision to live alone in the middle of the forest for three years was because his wealth had been depleted and his wife left him.

Sunandar himself said that he did not have any property, including a house. The condition of his residence was very worrying and his belongings were scattered in his house.

The millennial generation and Gen-Z will certainly not be familiar with Sunandar’s former glory, but from Sunandar’s story, we can learn several things below.

It is very important to understand net worth while being productive

Net worth is your real wealth or actual wealth. The net worth value is obtained from the reduction of assets and debts.

In your productive years, it is appropriate for you to increase your net worth over time.

An effective way to do this is to accumulate investment assets whose value can grow in the future.

As long as your net worth is positive, whatever the amount, your net worth is considered healthy. However, if it is negative, it indicates that you have taken on too much consumer debt, and you will be declared to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

You have to take care of your expenses and lifestyle

The current lifestyle can certainly have an impact on old age, because the greater the funds allocated to pay for living or doing things one likes will have an impact on the amount of funds that can be allocated for retirement savings.

When lifestyle does not match income, there is a high possibility of a cash flow deficit caused by expenses exceeding income.

A deficit that continues to be left will drain savings and other assets, as a result a person will lose savings and assets that should be useful for the future.

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