Working Faster, Amazon Shows Off Human Replacing Robots in Tech Warehouse – 9 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The world’s ecommerce giant, Amazon is using a new robotic system for their warehouses. The company promises the system can work 75% faster than humans.

The new robotic system is called Sequoia. Amazon’s uses include mobile robots, gantry systems (which are automated pulley systems for moving items), robotic arms, and ergonomic workstations.

Companies design robotic systems with the goal of improving worker efficiency and health as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

Sequoia works by having mobile robots carry inventory directly to the gantry. There, the goods will be restocked or sent to employees to pick them up according to the customer’s order.

Gizmochina noted that Sequoia can identify and store inventory 75% faster than before. Meanwhile, the robot system will also reduce order processing time by up to 25%, quoted Tuesday (24/10/2023).

Worker safety is also one of Sequoia’s duties. For example, items carried will be at a comfortable height, such as between the thighs or chest.

This will reduce the potential for workers to bend down or have items above their heads. It is hoped that this method can prevent injuries experienced by workers.

This design, Amazon claims reduces incident rates by 15% and loss incidents decrease by up to 18% when compared to places without robots.

Currently, the robotic system is newly employed in a Houston Texas fulfillment warehouse. Amazon has also not said whether Sequoia will work in warehouses owned by other companies.

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