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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The WTC Mangga Dua shopping center was once a shopping center that was targeted by Jakarta residents. Even residents outside Jakarta have made this shopping center one of the places they must visit when they go to Jakarta.

However, now the view at WTC Mangga Dua has changed, it is becoming quieter and quieter. In fact, one corner, namely the lobby, has actually been used as a badminton court.

Based on CNBC Indonesia’s monitoring, two fields were formed. Uniquely, the barrier is actually made of yellow duct tape or tape.

“Usually it’s busy at night after work and on weekends, Saturday-Sunday, during the day there’s no one playing,” said one technician to CNBC Indonesia, Thursday (19/10/23).

Photo: WTC Mangga Dua lobby transformed into a badminton court. (CNBC Indonesia/Ferry Sandi)
The WTC Mangga Dua lobby was transformed into a badminton court. (CNBC Indonesia/Ferry Sandi)

The size of this court appears smaller than standard, approximately 5×11 m, while the standard size of a badminton court is 13.40×6.10 m.

When no one was playing, the net and poles were removed. At first glance, this field doesn’t look like a normal field with green paint and white lines. Meanwhile, this field is only covered with a fairly slippery floor.

“A few days ago I came here and there were people playing, but it was already late at night,” said a visitor Amin met in the lobby next to the badminton court.

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