08:02 Campaign & Election Videos Are More Efficient, Can AI Technology Be Reliable? Tech – 9 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- Member of the DPR RI, Deddy Yevri Sitorus, believes that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in elections is like a double-edged sword. However, if used positively, AI can be used to save campaigns by conveying the vision and mission quickly and creatively to potential voters.

CEO of Pemilu.AI, Luky Djani, said that the use of AI in developing Pemilu.AI can be used by presidential and legislative candidates to get recommendations like a political consultant by providing election-related data.

What role will AI play in the 2024 Election? For complete details, see Bramudya Prabowo’s dialogue with the CEO of Pemilu.AI, Luky Djani and Member of the DPR RI, Deddy Yevri Sitorus in Profit,CNBCIndonesia (Monday, 23/10/2023)

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