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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – After the success of the 10.10 campaign, Shopee will again present the 11.11 Big Sale campaign with a number of interesting surprises. Not only that, Shopee also collaborated with four beautiful members from the idol group JKT48.

Wota, the name of JKT48 fans, must be familiar with these four beautiful women, namely Zee, Freya, Gracia, and Christy. These four women are the stars of the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale advertisement which has been broadcast since October 16 2023.

The latest advertisement resulting from the Shopee x JKT48 collaboration is inspired by one of their most popular songs, namely “Heavy Rotation”. This collaboration also received a lot of praise and various positive responses from netizens, especially JKT48 fans.

Moreover, the public can enjoy the excitement of Zee, Freya, Gracia and Christy in the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale advertisement not only through television screens that are broadcast every day and various social media channels, but also through billboards in several corners of the capital and LED screens outside and in the elevators of some office buildings in big cities. No wonder, the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale advertisement with JKT48 became the talk of netizens and fans, who documented it and uploaded it to social media until it went viral.

Photo: Instagram screenshot of JKT48 members (doc:ist)

“It’s really nice to see them everywhere,” commented one netizen.

“I’m proud to see them everywhere,” added another netizen.

“Reminds me of the Gen 1 era. The advertisements were everywhere, bro,” said a netizen in the comments column.

“Hopefully by inviting jeketi members with Shopee, hopefully we can hold events with jeketi,” wrote one netizen.

“JKT48 x Shopee 11.11 Sale Ads Have Appeared Everywhere. Whether Outdoor or Indoor, They Are Also There!” said a netizen.

“Willing not to get off the elevator to watch advertisements,” said another netizen.

The presence of Zee, Freya, Gracia, and Christy in Shopee’s latest advertisement has succeeded in adding excitement to the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale twin date campaign which again offers the most exciting promos. Take advantage of all the promos that apply throughout the 11.11 Big Sale celebration on Shopee, such as Free Shipping Rp. 0, Shopee Live Cheap Discounts, up to Flash Sale Rp. 11 thousand. All of these promos definitely feel even more special with the presence of JKT48.

Successfully enlivening Shopee’s latest advertisement, the figures of Zee, Freya, Gracia, and Christy are known as four idols from JKT48 who are multitalented and have many loyal fans. The Wotas certainly already know them. However, some of you may still not know more closely about these four beautiful angels from JKT48, such as how their personal lives and career journeys have led them to be as successful as they are now. Curious about their story? Let’s look at his profile.

First there is Azizi Asadel alias Zee. This girl who has a sweet and adorable face is a member of the seventh generation of JKT48. He was first introduced to the public on September 29 2018 from the Class B Academy members at JKT48. Zee was promoted to Class A on 28 October 2018, then promoted back to Team J on 7 October 2019. Thanks to his struggle, Zee is now increasingly popular. Especially after he was transferred to the new formation JKT48 on March 14 2021.

Zee’s career journey as an idol at a young age is now bearing sweet fruit. This girl, who often appears tomboyish, succeeded in becoming the Center position in “Flying High”, JKT48’s 23rd single which was released on June 17 2022. Zee admitted that the reason she joined JKT48 was to know what it was like to be an idol. Now he is increasingly widely known not only as an idol who is good at singing and dancing, but can also act. Zee has played a big screen horror film entitled ‘You Deserve to Die’ which will be released in 2022. Apart from that, he will also play one of the main characters in the film ‘Ancika 1995’ which is still in the production stage.

Apart from spreading his wings into the world of acting, another achievement of the owner of the nickname Oshi Sejuta Umat is appearing at New York Fashion Week 2022 with a fashion brand from Indonesia. So, there are unique facts about Zee that are probably still rarely known. This woman, born on May 16 2004, is the daughter of an Indonesian presenter and actor, namely Akhmad Fadli, who is presenter Muhammad Fadlan’s twin. Another interesting fact is that Zee apparently has a twin brother named Akhmad Athir Ar-Raafi. Apart from his twin, Zee has an older brother, a younger brother, and a younger sister.

Screenshot of JKT48 members (doc:ist)Photo: Instagram Screenshot @jkt48.zee

After appearing charming in the latest Shopee 11.11 Big Sale advertisement, Zee also uploaded the advertisement on his social media. Zee’s upload on Instagram @jkt48.zee was also attacked by fans. Not a few people praised Zee’s appearance in the Shopee x JKT48 collaboration advertisement.

“Auto doesn’t skip this ad,” wrote a netizen.

“Auto checkout on Shopee,” said another netizen.

“Just watched the ad until the end,” added a netizen.

Apart from Zee, there is also a friend from her generation, Freya, who is also the star of the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale advertisement. The owner of the full name Freya Jayawardana was born on February 13 2006. She started joining JKT48 when she was 12 years old.

She started her career at JKT48 through the Class B Academy, now Freya has officially become a member of the 7th Generation of JKT48 who has many loyal fans. The Freya fan group has the nickname Freyanation.

In her introductory video on YouTube JKT48, Freya admitted that one of the reasons she joined this idol group was to be able to achieve her dream, namely to make her parents proud. Looking at her current achievements, it can be estimated that Freya’s dreams have come true.

Freya, who is known to be friendly and charming, was successfully promoted to Academy Class A on December 18 2018, then joined JKT48 Team T on June 2 2020. She also officially became a member of the 7th Generation of JKT48 on March 12 2021.

However, it turns out that all this success was not achieved easily. Freya failed to get a top 32 ranking when taking part in JKT48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo in 2018. She also failed to pass the initial stage of the Class B Academy Exam on 25 October 2018, although she finally managed to join as a member of Academy Class B at JKT48 on 29 September 2018. That failure became valuable experience for him, it has been proven that he has now succeeded in becoming one of the most popular JKT48 members.

Freya’s success in JKT48 is not only due to her singing, dancing skills and beautiful appearance, but also because of her charming personality. That is what makes Freyantion members always loyally support him.

This fanbase even prepared a special project on Twitter to celebrate her birthday last February by creating the hashtag #FreyanoTanjoubi as well as a special profile and header photo for Freya. Freya’s loyal fans have even presented Project Videotron which appeared in Sudirman, South Jakarta in 2022 to celebrate Oshi’s increasing age.

Screenshot of JKT48 members (doc:ist)Photo: Screenshot @jkt48.freya

Freya also showed off the excitement of the latest Shopee x JKT48 collaboration advertisement for Shopee 11.11 Big Sale through her upload on Instagram @jkt48.freya. Just uploaded, fans immediately attacked Freya’s post with funny and sweet comments.

“If the ad was like this, it wouldn’t be skipped,” wrote one netizen.

“Since Freya was on Shopee, I started shopping straight away at Shopee, thank you Freya,” said another netizen.

Apart from Zee and Freya, there is also Shania Gracia aka JKT48 Gracia. This beautiful woman must be familiar to you Wota veterans. Gracia is a 3rd Generation JKT48 member who is still active today. This girl, who was born on August 31 1999, is the most senior compared to the other three names. Just like Freya, Gracia also admitted that the reason she joined JKT48 was to make her parents proud. Apart from that, he also wants to be able to hone his dancing and singing talents and learn the discipline to behave as a good idol.

All these dreams have now been realized by Gracia, a beauty who is known to have a funny personality. Starting her career as a trainee in 2014, Gracia started joining team T in January 2015. She then switched to team KIII at the end of 2016 and was named team captain, you know!

Gracia’s talent as a multitalented entertainer was successfully demonstrated through her acting skills in the feature films ‘Dilan 1991’ (2019) and ‘Ancika 1995’. In the midst of all her busy lives as an idol, Gracia continues to prioritize her education and now she has the status of a Communication Science graduate.

Screenshot of JKT48 members (doc:ist)Photo: Screenshot @jkt48gracia

Like the other two members, Gracia also uploaded a video of her action while starring in the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale advertisement on Instagram @jkt48gracia. Similar to other members’ uploads, Gracia’s presence is acknowledged by many fans as making them unable to skip the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale advertisement.

“I don’t even skip 2 hour advertisements,” said one netizen.

“Shopee advertisements that can’t be skipped,” wrote another netizen.

“Ci Gracia, believe me you are my one and only Oshi,” added a netizen.

Lastly there is Angelina Christy or JKT48 Christy who was born on December 5 2005. She is one of the youngest members of JKT48 Generation 7. This cute girl admitted that her motivation for joining JKT48 was so she could learn many new things and get to know more people. Christy, who is known to be innocent and cute, has a personality that makes her liked by many fans.

Young and talented, Christy started as a trainee at JKT48 when she was 12 years old and debuted as a member of JKT48 Generation 7 in September 2018. Christy was also appointed as the youngest member selected in the JKT48 Original Single Senbatsu and the youngest member in the history of Team KIII. Christy’s other achievement was successfully getting the Center position in the setlist ‘Ramune no Nomikata’ performed by JKT48 NEW ERA. Very cool!

Screenshot of JKT48 members (doc:ist)Photo: Screenshot of member @jkt48.christy

Not wanting to be left behind by the other members, sweet Christy also showed off the excitement of the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale advertisement which she uploaded on Instagram @jkt48.christy. As a result, the post was filled with fans who gave positive comments.

“Oh, use Shopee,” said the netizen.

“I don’t skip the ad,” said another netizen.

After learning the story of their struggles during their career at JKT48, it is not surprising that Zee, Freya, Gracia and Christy are now the idols of many people in Indonesia. In fact, now they are the stars of the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale advertisement.

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