Check Original or Fake E-Stamps Using 4 Tech Steps – 15 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Don’t be fooled by fake e-Seterai. You can check its authenticity using several easy steps.

Some time ago, the Public Company for Money Printing of the Republic of Indonesia (Peruri) uncovered a case of fake e-Meterai. The method is to purchase a proof of tax payment stamp online via the marketplace and the buyer is asked to send the document in word format.

The results of this fraud can be detrimental to buyers from a financial perspective. Apart from that, there is also a risk of data leakage because stamped documents contain important data from the buyer and recipient.

To avoid becoming a victim of fake e-Meterai, you must check its authenticity carefully. Here are the tips, quoted from the page, Thursday (19/10/2023):

1. Know the characteristics of genuine e-Seterai

One of the characteristics of genuine e-Meterai is that it can only be affixed to documents in PDF format. So you should be careful if a seller asks you to send it via word file.

Following are some of the characteristics of genuine e-Meterai:

  • Has a unique code. Each original e-Meterai will have a different code, so you need to be suspicious if the e-Meterai has the same code number as the one you previously had.
  • Make sure the eagle image is correct, from the color to the direction of the head.
  • The correct writing is Seal, not Seal. The words ‘Electronic Seal’ will also appear above the e-Seal.
  • There are nominal prices in the form of numbers and capital letters

2. Check the Peruri Official Page

You can check its authenticity by scanning the official document on the official page of Peruri as the e-Meterai issuer. Namely via

You do this by uploading a file containing the e-Meterai in the box provided and checking the ‘I’m not a robot’ section. Next, fill in the captcha column and wait for the validation process to take place.

If it is genuine, it will display data about the document starting from verification status, signature date, to code number.

3. Scan it in the Peruri Scanner Application

Other checks can also be done via the Peruri Scanner application. This application is available on the Play Store and App Store. Check out the method below:

  • Open the app
  • Place the scanner right in front of your e-Seterai QR code
  • Then click scan
  • If it is genuine, the PERURI symbol will appear, a series of unique numbers and the date and time of purchase.
  • Fake seals will not pass this verification because PERURI has used X.509 SHA 512 digital signature technology which is equipped with 3 additional security features. This technology can only be seen in the application and can bring up the signature panel in Adobe Acrobat.

4. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader

The final way to check is by uploading the document to the Adboe Acrobat Reader application. If the e-Meterai is genuine, it will display the Status data “Signed by Electronic Settlement”, the appropriate unique code, the reason and location of attachment, and the date it was last edited.

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