Original Price of iPhone 15 Pro Max Only IDR 8.8 Million Tech – 14 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Apple’s newest cellphone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, actually has an original price of IDR 8 million. However, this price is less than half the retail price, namely IDR 18 million for the cheapest version of the iPhone 15 Pro Max with 256 GB storage.

The original price referred to is the production cost of the smartphone. The iPhone 15 Pro Max is reportedly the most expensive smartphone in Apple’s history with the highest production costs.

According to experts from Japanese media, Nikkei, the production price of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max is US$558 (Rp. 8.8 million), 12% more expensive than last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The Japanese publication said the main factors influencing the increase in the price of iPhone 15 Pro Max components were a new camera with 5x optical zoom, Apple’s A17 Pro chipset based on an advanced 3nm manufacturing process, and an OLED screen with adaptive refresh rate and thin bezels.

The smallest difference in production costs compared to the previous model is seen in the iPhone 15 Pro model. This model costs US$523 to produce, about 8% more than the iPhone 14 Pro.

Meanwhile, the price of the iPhone 15 Plus is US$442, 10% more expensive than the iPhone 14 Plus model.

Interestingly, the biggest difference in cost can be seen in the base model of the iPhone 15. The price is US$442, 16% more expensive than the iPhone 14 model. And the price of this smartphone is the highest compared to the selling price, namely 53%.

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