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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – War is still ongoing between Hamas and Israel. The Jewish State continues to bombard the Gaza area, which is controlled by the Palestinian Hamas faction without discrimination.

In the latest update, more than 5,000 Gazans were killed in a 24-hour attack launched by Israel via fighter jets. The total death toll, when combined with the victims in the West Bank and Israel itself, reaches more than 6,400.

In fact, discussing this conflict is incomplete without discussing past events before the conflict occurred. One of them is around the Land of Canaan.

Quote Britannica, Land of Canaan refers to a large ancient country located in the Levelant region. This territory now includes the countries of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine, which includes the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Talk about Canaan is also mentioned in the Bible. That the Land of Canaan was “the promised land given by God to Abrahan and his descendants.”

Apart from discussing religious matters, the region included in Canaan has a long history. Regarding the name of the Land of Canaan, it first appeared in historical sources of the Mesopotamian Civilization dating from the 18th century BC.

In the written source of the inscription, Canaan means “reddish purple”. This refers to the area being a producer of purple.

Who Are the Indigenous People?

In pre-literate times, the Land of Canaan was occupied by ancient humans of the Cro-Magnon and Neanthertal types. They lived in the Paleolithic era or (8,000 BC – 3,000 BC).

They carry out normal activities according to their brain development. Namely farming and forming settlements.

From time to time, starting from the Iron and Bronze Ages, the Land of Canaan was always inhabited by humans. So, the original inhabitants of the Land of Canaan were also called Canaanites.

They are descendants of the Semitic people who lived in the period 2,000 BC – 1,700 BC. Those also known as the Amorites made up the majority of the land’s population.

They often migrated to the West (now Egypt) and then to the East (Arabian Peninsula). However, at the end of the Bronze Age (1,550 – 1,200 BC), changes occurred in the Land of Canaan after the Egyptians entered the area.

They captured Canaanite villages and drove them out. When this expulsion occurred, the rise of civilization occurred.

In this regard, many historians believe that this was the beginning of Israeli civilization, marked by the founding of the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel. After that, the Land of Canaan was increasingly inhabited by other nations who were equally harmonious.

So, are there still descendants of Canaan today?

American Journal of Human Genetics, has published research on this matter. Canaanite DNA, taken from 3,700-year-old traces, matches the DNA of today’s Lebanese population.

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