Dear Young Families, Here are 5 Reasons Loven Makes Cool Bathrooms Lifestyle – 52 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – American Standard recently launched its newest collection, Loven, which can make the bathroom at home even cooler and loved by the family. This latest modern style collection allows young families who have just owned a home to improve the quality of their rooms and make simpler renovations.

Here are five reasons the latest collection from American Standard is suitable for your home:

1. A Complete Solution Everyone Loves

For young families who have just owned a home, the latest Loven collection is designed for the needs of young households in urban areas. This collection provides a variety of solutions to create a loving space for the whole family.

Loven offers comfort and cleanliness with a focus on harmony and function. This new innovation includes bathroom fittings (sink taps, shower taps) and fixtures (toilet and sink), which use unique design elements from American Standard.

This harmonious design ensures a stylish and harmonious atmosphere for every bathroom.

Photo: The latest American Standard collection. (Doc. Lixil)

2. The Elegant Charm of the Loven Collection

The Loven collection is designed to harmonize the bathroom atmosphere. Loven has a soft shape and its curves create an elegant and easy-to-clean environment. This also provides a comfortable space full of warmth, love and a sense of belonging.

3. Harmonious and minimalist design

The Loven Collection offers a wide variety of products to suit a variety of needs and preferences. With harmonious designs, the collection ensures products interact well with each other, creating a seamless and stylish aesthetic. This makes it easier for consumers to make their home dreams come true easily.

4. Complete Comfort

The Loven collection provides optimization of limited bathroom space by providing full comfort and function. Excellent features include ComfortMove for smooth and accurate movement of the tap lever, CoolShield on the shower mixer to prevent the risk of burns, and Comfort Seat with Soft Close Seat and Cover on the toilet.

The HygieneClean system, which includes Double Vortex and Hygiene Rim dual rinse, simplifies the cleaning process and inhibits the growth of bacteria, making the bathroom space more hygienic.

5. Save Water and Energy

Loven was designed with a strong focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. The sink faucet is equipped with EcoStart technology that sets the default water setting to cold, potentially reducing energy costs by up to 30%. Water-saving aerators on taps and Dual Flush systems on toilets also play a role in conserving water resources, each earning a 4-point LEED rating and saving up to 40% of water.

With 150 years of experience, American Standard provides innovative, high-quality bathroom solutions. The Loven collection is also an extension for the family, with architects, designers or developers able to save space and improve cleanliness for their projects.

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