Gmail Attacked by 100 Million Phishing, This is How Google Defends Tech – 16 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Google has a special team to deal with security issues in its products. Including tackling phishing incidents on Gmail which reached 100 million times.

“Tackling more than 100 million phishing on Gmail, Gmail users are more than 3 billion. So we can imagine the team carrying out this protection,” said Country Manager Enterprise and Public Sector Google Cloud Indonesia, Anang Efendy, in CNBC Indonesia ProfitsFriday (27/10/2023).

Every product has the same security team. Likewise, the company’s cloud and data center services.

Data centers have the same security standards as other products. So people will feel safe when using it.

“The team uses the same security standards as Gmail and Google. It uses the same standards as data centers in Indonesia,” said Anang.

“Data in Indonesia, security uses international standards so people feel safe,” he added.

Regarding the latest technology regulations, Anang said the Indonesian government was quite good. According to him, Indonesia adopted it with regulations that are in accordance with international standards.

“Until now, the Indonesian government has been very quick to adopt this. Lastly, with generative AI, it has issued regulations that we feel are in accordance with international standards,” said Anang.

Anang said Google Cloud continues to coordinate with the government. It is hoped that cooperation will continue to develop between the two together with industry.

“We hope that cooperation between industry, technology providers like us and the government can continue to develop. We can work together to build Indonesia’s digital economy,” he concluded.

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