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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of Communication and Information revealed data on the number of online gambling content nested on the Meta social media platform. A total of 171,426 online gambling content was found on applications such as Facebook and Instagram.

Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie Setiadi confirmed that the blocking would continue. “Keep going, keep going. Remove the advertisements,” said Budi when met in Jakarta, Thursday (20/10/2023).

Previously, Meta was written to by the Ministry of Communication and Information asking him to block all online gambling content on his extended family’s platforms. This request was requested 1×24 hours, but beyond that time online gambling content was still flooding Meta’s social media application.

When contacted by CNBC Indonesia, Director General of IKP of the Ministry of Communication and Information Usman Kansong said the deadline for Meta. However, he said the technology giant admitted that it had removed a lot of online gambling content.

“Starting yesterday, he has actually taken down a lot of online gambling content. However, to take down all online gambling content, Meta said it takes time, it needs a process,” explained Usman when contacted. CNBC IndonesiaThursday (12/10/2023).

Usman explained that his party continues to ask for Meta’s commitment to immediately block online gambling content. “Because of that, we continue to ask for Meta’s commitment to immediately clean up their platform from online gambling,” he added.

From data from the Ministry of Communication and Information, this number is the largest among social media and other instant messaging applications. This number includes 1,261,391 content discovered during 2017-17 October 2023.

The online gambling content found on Twitter or what is now called X is 358 pieces of content. Next on Tiktok 26 content, Snack Video 26 content, File Sharing 48,509 content, Google/Youtube 3,155 content, Helo-app 3 content, and App Store 1 content.

From that period, the largest amount of content was found on sites and IPs. The number reached 1,037,769.

From the same data, this year also saw the discovery of the same online gambling content. From January to October 17 2023, it reached 607,064 thousand content.

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