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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Google launched a new feature that allows users to create images directly via text commands using a tool called Search Generative Experience (SGE). Currently, SGE is only available on a limited basis for those who participate in the Google Search Labs program.

This feature is similar to Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator, which uses OpenAI’s Dall-E 3 model to create images from text commands. Bing Image Creator launched in March and has been popular among users who want to create their own custom images.

Using SGE is quite easy, users just type a question into the Google search bar. After doing so, SGE can create multiple images based on the command.

In the GIF, Google shows how the tool can be used to create images based on the command “image of a capybara wearing a chef’s hat and cooking breakfast.”

Users can also refine the queries that Google ultimately uses to generate each photo.

What’s more advanced is that you can also create AI-generated images from images on Google. When browsing Google Image results, you’ll see a box that asks you to create an image based on your query. Then the resulting image will appear in the sidebar.

In a blog post, Google’s Hema Budaraju emphasized that the company is trying to ensure it launches its image creation tool responsibly.

“The tool should not be able to produce images that violate the company’s policy of prohibiting the use of generative AI,” Budaraju said.

Every image created with SGE will have metadata labeling and an embedded watermark to indicate that the image was created by AI.

During this initial stage, Google will not allow users to create images depicting photorealistic faces or any hints that include famous individuals.

And Google limits image creation to users 18 or older, meaning teens who have access to SGE won’t be able to use it.

Google also added the ability to generate written drafts directly from the search bar using SGE. By using a query. Google can create drafts, and you can choose from tools to create something long, short, or casual. If you like the results, you can export the draft to Google Docs or Gmail.

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