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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo’s eldest son who is also the Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, has officially become Prabowo Subianto’s Vice Presidential Candidate (Cawapres). Yesterday, Sunday (23/10/23), Prabowo immediately announced Gibran’s name as his vice presidential running mate at his residence located in Kartanegara, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Gibran’s name has been widely rumored to be accompanying Prabowo in recent weeks. The 36 year old man has assets of IDR 26,032,674,370 based on the 2022 Periodic Corruption Eradication Commission (LHPKN KPK) State Officials’ Wealth Report.

Of his total wealth, it turns out that Gibran’s most expensive vehicle is the 2016 Toyota Avanza, which is now worth IDR 90 million. Gibran himself seems to be a fan of the Avanza because he owns more of this car than any other vehicle. Apart from the 2016 Avanza, he also has the same car from 2012 which is now worth IDR 60 million. Both are self-made.

Photo: Toyota Avanza dock
Toyota Avanza

Apart from the car of a million people, Gibran also has two other cars, namely the 2012 Isuzu Panther of his own production with a value of Rp. 70,000,000 and finally the 2015 Daihatsu Grand Max car worth IDR 60,000,000. So in total he has 4 four-wheeled vehicles.

Meanwhile, for two-wheeled vehicles, Gibran has 3 units, namely a 2015 Honda Scoopy made by himself worth IDR 7,000,000, then a 1974 Honda CB-125 made by himself worth IDR 5,000,000 and a 2017 ROYAL ENFIELD worth IDR 40,000,000. Gibran’s total assets of transportation equipment and machinery are worth IDR 332,000,000.

Even though he doesn’t seem to have much assets in his vehicle, Gibran has a lot of assets in land and buildings with a total value of IDR 17,339,000,000. Other movable assets worth IDR 260,000,000, then cash and cash equivalents IDR 3,101,260,374 and other assets IDR 5,552,000,000.

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