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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Hot Back Up Satellite (HBS) project has certainly closed its books. Even so, other Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency (Bakti) projects will continue.

The HBS project was announced to be discontinued with the contract having been terminated as of October 19 2023. The project was launched after Satria-1 was successfully launched and the HBS budget will be reallocated to expand and improve national digital access and connectivity.

“Yeah, I hope so [Proyek HBS yang dihentikan] that’s all,” said the Director General of IKP of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Usman Kansong, in Jakarta, Monday (23/10/2023).

Regarding the Palapa Ring integration, Usman confirmed that it would still continue. This includes accelerating the BTS project to Satria-1.

When asked about the continuation of Satria-2, he said that currently his party was still focusing on Satria-1. The satellite is currently on its way to an orbital slot after being launched last June with a capacity of 150 Gbps.

“If Satria-2 doesn’t exist yet, just draw it yet. Because we are still thinking about what kind of operation Satria-1 will be before December, whether the station is ready or not, the recipient, then later we will collaborate with other ministries and institutions too. Schools with the Ministry of Education and Culture, Community Health Centers with the Ministry of Health, Usman explained.

“For satellite operations there must be electricity there, especially in peripheral areas, we are still thinking about that and not thinking about anything else,” he added.

Satria-2 was built to increase the capacity of Satria-1. In his statement some time ago, Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie Setiadi explained that the project was currently carrying out an updated feasibility study.

“For the SATRIA-2 Project, the Ministry of Communication and Information is currently updating the feasibility study to adapt the satellite design to national satellite capacity needs,” said Budi.

Starting from accelerating the completion of the BTS, HBS, Palapa Ring, to Satria-1 projects, this is one of the tasks carried out by the Bakti Kominfo Task Force which was created some time ago. For BTS, based on 2021 data, 4,343 units are available. With 617 BTS will be brought to life with a new umbrella contract.

Another task is to quickly resolve problems and obstacles in the fields of law, policy implementation and finance. Apart from carrying out a process that is transparent and accountable in accordance with applicable regulations.

The Task Force also provides policy direction for completion and recommendations to Bakti. Namely in order to carry out cooperation with related parties.

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