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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Pressure is increasing on the Israeli government from within the country. The government was asked to end the war through a ceasefire and seek the release of the hostages.

It is known that 200 people have been detained by Hamas in Gaza. This was in line with the surprise attack on October 7 which Israel responded with air strikes.

Desperate families are pleading with officials to help free their loved ones. Quote Al Jazeera hundreds of people stood in Tel Aviv last weekend.

“All countries where you are, you have to understand that this is hell,” said a demonstrator who is also the mother of one of the sandıras, Shelly Shem Tov, quoted Monday (23/10/2023).

Anger at the government has emerged over how PM Benjamin Netanyahu handled the situation. Some carried banners reading “Netanyahu and Gantz (referring to the Israeli Defense Minister) don’t care” and “Ceasefire, Bring Them (hostages) Back”.

“There’s no sign they’re alive, no signal. It’s been two weeks,” said another resident Dan Mor.

The same thing is also loaded The Guardian. It shows how demonstrations took place in Israel demanding the release of the hostages.

“Don’t forget us,” one woman shouted to the crowd. “Bring them home.”

There was pressure outside Israel. This is because many of the hostages are citizens or dual citizens from countries around the world, including Israel’s closest allies.

At least some of the 10 US citizens still unaccounted for after the October 7 Hamas attack. There were also 17 Thais among the hostages, and eight Germans.

A total of seven British citizens and seven French citizens are also missing. Some of them are believed to be also being held hostage.

So far, two US citizens, Judith Raanan and her daughter Natalie, have been released by Hamas. This was not done with Israel’s permission but through the mediation of Qatari officials.

Uri Raanan, husband and father of the freed hostage, gave a press statement. He said his daughter was in good condition, she was happy and hoped to return home.

Haaretz columnist Akiva Eldar said the Israeli government was not negotiating. Qatar actually facilitated the release of the hostages.

“In Israel, they believe this is part of a psychological strategy of bullying, where Hamas wants to buy time… to stop Israel from a ground invasion in Gaza,” he said.

Previously, the spokesman for Hamas’ military wing, the Al Qassam brigade, Abu Obeida, said the group had offered to free the hostages, two Israeli citizens. This is for humanitarian reasons.

Netanyahu Urged to Resign

Meanwhile, former Israeli military, political and intelligence officials have expressed doubts about Netanyahu’s leadership. Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak described the Hamas attack as “the most severe blow that Israel has experienced since the founding of the country until now”.

“I don’t believe the public trusts Netanyahu to lead when he is under the weight of the devastating events that have just occurred during his term in office,” he told Observer.

“Clearly this was negligence and failure on several levels. Our intelligence failure follows preparations made over the last year, perhaps longer,” he added.

“It is not easy to immediately decide what actually happened, but what is certain is that people have lost trust, both in the army and in the political leadership,” he explained.

A former chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces said that Netanyahu should “resign now”. While a former intelligence official described the government as “dysfunctional”.

Netanyahu has actually been in office for more than 16 years. Earlier this year, in Israel itself, he drew criticism from much of Israeli society, for attempting to overhaul the country’s justice system.

He is also still involved in a corruption trial on various charges. Multiple fraud, breach of public trust and accepting bribes, all of which he denies.

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