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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The war between the Palestinian militia group Hamas and Israel has dragged several world superpowers to take part in resolving it. One such country is Russia, where Moscow called on both sides to exercise restraint.

However, in several of his statements, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not express condolences to the Israeli people or condemn Hamas. This is different from what Western countries do.

Putin actually blamed the West and the United States (US) for the brutal attack and called for the creation of a Palestinian state. This statement also received praise from Hamas.

A number of experts accuse Russia of supporting Hamas and Iran. Especially with the fact that Moscow’s relations with the West, which is Israel’s ally, heated up after the attack on Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky added his voice to the conflict. Blaming Moscow for supporting Hamas operations “in one way or another”.

In a report by Foreign Policy in Focus, Russian support was also revealed. Shortly before the attack on Israel, Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders claimed to have obtained large money transfers, using the Garantex cryptocurrency exchange located in Moscow.

It is known that Russia is the region that the West cannot control the most. Especially after the attack on Ukraine which cut off the White Bear Country from Western networks.

The author, Tatyana Ivanova, also explained that Putin has a long history with Israel’s enemies such as Hezbollah and Hamas. According to him, currently Moscow is trying to build its position as an effective Middle East conflict mediator.

“That is why, over the last two days, Putin has repeated statements that the attack occurred due to US efforts to “monopolize the management” of the conflict between Israel and Hamas and Russia’s non-inclusion in Middle East normalization negotiations,” he wrote alhier pekken, dikstip Monday (23/10 /2023).

“Tactically, a large-scale war between Hamas and Israel and its possible escalation across the region would help Russia divert the attention of the world community from its aggression and war crimes in Ukraine,” he said.

According to him, Putin’s play in the geopolitical arena in the Middle East was also carried out because the president was trained in carrying out what are called “subversive activities” while serving in the Soviet KGB. Ivanova highlights these activities with Russia’s indirect involvement in the Syrian war through aerial bombings and the private paramilitary group Wagner.

He also added that now is the right moment to attack Israel from Russia’s perspective. The reason is that there are divisions in society in Israel, friction between the administration of US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Netanyahu, and the absence of a current Speaker of the US DPR.

“The increasing number of Palestinian casualties in Gaza due to retaliatory operations will also provide the Kremlin with an opportunity to legitimize its air strikes against Ukraine, which are killing civilians and damaging civilian infrastructure,” he added.

“Russia also hopes, according to Russian world ideologist Alexander Dugin, that the conflict will not be limited to the two parties and their closest allies. Iran, Syria and Lebanon as well as Hezbollah will be involved,” he explained.

“If this happens, Putin will have another opportunity to take revenge on the West, this time on the international stage,” he added.

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