Israeli Tank Caught by Satellite Secretly Heading to Gaza Tech – 17 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Analysis of satellite imagery reveals Israel deployed hundreds of armored fighting vehicles. The pile of Israeli military vehicles seen in satellite imagery is about 6 km from Gaza’s northern border.

This suggests the possibility that Israel rushed to deploy troops within 10 kilometers of the border in preparation for a land invasion.

The photo was analyzed through images taken by Planet Labs, a US-based satellite operator.

“Around 200 vehicles thought to be Israeli were collected. Most likely the Israeli military was preparing a land invasion,” said Hidenori Watanabe, professor of information studies at the University of Tokyo, quoted from Nikkei Asia, Friday (20/10/2023).

Photos of armored vehicles taken from the ground also circulated. Based on the railroad tracks, buildings and trees visible in the photo, it is known that the location is around 1.5 km north of where the vehicle was identified.

When examining images taken by Planet Labs at the same location, more than 200 vehicle-like objects were seen, all of which are believed to be Israeli and other armored vehicles. This means more than 400 vehicles were deployed in the area.

In a video released, an Israeli military spokesman said that his soldiers were preparing for the next phase of the operation. The military immediately deployed 300,000 reserve troops to prepare a large-scale operation to attack Hamas in Gaza.

According to “The Military Balance” released by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a British think tank, Israeli soldiers on active duty number 169,500, many of whom are soldiers.

Apart from that, Israel’s military strength is indeed large with the latest equipment. The army deploys 400 Merkava Mk4 tanks and more than 1,190 armored personnel carriers, and also has a formidable ground invasion capability, with more than 500 self-propelled and towed artillery pieces.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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